Baptism Information

Baptism is our first sacrament, and it is both the door unto eternal life and the beginning of our initiation into the family of God’s Church. Through baptism, we are ‘reborn’ as sons and daughters of God; we are united to Jesus Christ in his life, death and resurrection; and we are filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit. It is a joyous occasion for both child and parents.

Being the sacramental beginning of initiation into the Church, Baptism is most appropriately celebrated in the home parish of the family, and amongst the Christian community in which the one to be baptised will grow up in Christian faith and love. For this reason, families who reside within the Parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Watsons Bay, or who have committed to the parish as their place of worship, may have their children baptised here.

Requests for Baptism from families residing outside Watsons Bay Parish will also be considered for genuine pastoral reasons or if there is some significant connection with the parish. For this to happen, you will firstly need to approach the parish priest of the parish where you currently live to request permission to have your child baptised outside the parish community, and to undertake any preparation your home parish requires. A letter to this effect is to be bought to the parish priest at Watsons Bay after 9am Mass on Sundays before consideration of the request can be made.
For further information regarding baptisms, please phone the Parish Secretary, Alison Bell, phone (02) 9337 2033 (Mondays and Fridays).

Please note that Baptisms are held on the FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAYS OF THE MONTH, immediately following the 9am Mass.  All baptisms require at least one month’s notice before booking can be made.

Please download Baptism Enrolment Form here and return to the Parish Office once completed.  Form may be scanned and returned to the Parish Secretary at or fax it to 9337 2933.